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A few words on Magus

OK, so the Magus class isn't the WORST class in the game, but most people will argue that it's pretty far down there, much less effective than their mirror the Engineer anyway. But there's a way you can make the Magus far more valuable to your group/warband than becoming a simple rift bot. And it's a trick Order won't expect to come from you either.

The first thing you should know however is that this trick isn't really a "trick" but more of an unconventional way to equip your Magus. And you'll pay for this utility in stats, but I find it's well worth it:

Get the Oathstone combo set that gives you the "ON HIT: 10% to proc -1200 Armor". Here's how you get them in case you don't know already:

Oathstone of Karak Eight Peaks

Collect 4 items from gnoblars:

-BadLands, 40k;37k : gnoblar's nose from the gnoblars here
-Cinderfall, 54K;54K : gnoblar's golden tooth from tooth gnoblars
-Cinderfall, 54k;54k : gnoblar's trapper tools from trapper gnoblars
-Black Crag, 40k;11k : burnmaw gnoblars (forget the set item name)

It can take a while to get all your parts, but stick with it, the debuff is WAY worth it. Once you have all four parts, right click any one of them and you'll make a new item.

Next head to the Tome library and buy your jewlery from the merchant in IC.

Oathstone of Karaz-a-Karak

Find the champion at 58k/49k in Kadrin Valley. He is an order champion slayer called Argnus Rockskull Kill him and you'll recieve a title and the ability to buy the Oathstone of Karaz-a=Karak

Next head to the Tome library and buy your jewlery from the merchant in IC.

Now, the stats suck on these items, so you're going to lose your happy +20 Int/+20 Wounds items, but don't fret, you WILL like the payoff.

Now that you have the items in question, slot them up and go test them out on some unsuspecting Order in a PQ or ORvR setting.

How to use: Just spam AoE's and Dots as per normal. You'll see a weird Crystal cage bursting around the enemy effect when it procs (get used to seeing it A LOT).

The "ON HIT" ability for Warhammer will proc on a DoT TIC, which is what makes these items SOOOOO good for the Magus. 10% proc chance in this game means "about 1/2 the time or so" when a DoT is in effect here. This includes abilities like Dissolving Mist, Firestorm, Pandamonium, Glean Magic, ect....

For example, throw a Dissolving Mist on the Ram of your attacking Order during a Keep Defense. Then toss Glean and Pandamonium. You will have just debuffed EVERY person you hit within 5 seconds by -1200 Armor. And these are generally Tank types on that ram, not bad eh?

Oh, and did we mention that the -1200 STACKS with other -armor abilities (like wot blocka?". Yeah it does, and it's proven.

Now, I know what you're all thinking, "Why the heck would I want to debuff their Armor when I do Spirit/Elemental damage and no physical?"

Good question: Answer: "BECAUSE YOU'LL BE HELPING EVERY CLASS THAT DOES PHYSICAL DAMAGE BY DOING THIS" (especially the choppa's and the SH's...."

You're now a Debuff MACHINE, and you'll soon see those you've debuffed FALL LIKE WHEAT on the battlefield.

Why is this so effective? Because unlike most other classes, EACH of you're abilities that are a DoT hit about 10 times or so. That means that EACH of your abilities WILL proc the Corrosion effect, leaving Tanks at 1/3 their armor, Medium's (like MDPS) at 1/2, and Clothies at damned near nothing. The only mitigation they'll be doing is their toughness against all physical damage.


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