Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Warhammer online : Power Leveling 30-40 No Pvp

Many things have been said that PvP scenarios are the fastest way to power level, and this is true, until you hit tier four. When you hit level 12 you move on to tier two, when you hit level 22 you move on to tier three, and when you hit 30 you move on to tier four.

The experience you get as a level 30 killing level 30, 31, and 32 mobs is about 1k a kill. You can easily kill three mobs a minute, which equals roughly 3k exp a minutes if hardcore grinding. The bonus you get for winning a PvP scenario in tier four is roughly 10k, and that is only IF you win. I tried both ways of gaining exp and found that grinding out almost doubles the exp you get per hour compared to PvP scenarios. This does not even count the exp you get turning in quests.

How I level as a 30 in tier four is quite simple: Go to the starting chapter in a racial tier four zone, do all the quests in that chapter, then STOP. Take a flight to the next racial zone and do all the quests for that chapter, repeat this for the third racial zone in tier four. When this is done go back to the first racial zone and start working on the next chapter, simply repeat this until 40. When I finished my first round I was more then half way through level 31. If anyone else has a faster way to 40, besides straight out grinding let me know.

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