Sunday, February 8, 2009

WAR Exploit: loot and kill without getting hit

At grimbeard station in chp 12 greenskin you can get on the train tracks and walk to the edge at an angle where you are kind of floating in space. you can grind the mobs patting below you, they cant path to you, and you can loot them when you kill them. Good greens so far.

As a sorceress this is easy, but i cant aoe them, the ones not directly targeted reset before they die. Be mindful of dwarves gaurding the stairs though, sometimes they can path to the top of the tracks where you are. I ground to elite chp 12 influence like this.

Thought i would add the best place for this is at the middle of the track in the station, on the north side of the track. There are 3 spawns and two pats that make for consistent grinding.

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