Thursday, November 13, 2008

Destruction Class Builds Reviewed (mid Game)

Just thought I would throw out a little briefing since I have all ten classes to at least level 20. There have been many changes, patches, etc...

The Shaman - template is Here
The Shaman loses a little bit of it's OP in the mid levels, and now in tier 4 seems to be playing decently as intended. I have no intentions of changing anything, since nothing with this build seems to be broken.

The Sorceres - template is Here
The Sorc actually becomes noticeably stronger as she goes through the mid to late levels. As such, I have no reason to change anything.

The Witch Elf - template is Here
Due to the uselessness of Weapon Skill in regards to parry percentage, this build must be changed. Instead of Weapon Skill the Renown points will be placed in Strength. Although I do not see any reason to spec out of "Carnage", I will still have to do a rebuild as the slotted tactics were greatly dependant on having a high chance to parry.

The Squig Herder - template is Here
This build needs an entire overhaul. The premise that the path of "Quick Shootin" was the "PvP build" was incorrect. Although this build allows you a little better survivability, you pay for that by coughing up quite a bit of DPS. The tree I am currently using is the path of "Big Shootin". It seems to be doing just fine, so this is most likely what I will be spec'ed in at 40.

The Black Orc - template is Here
As far as PvP goes, this build does exactly what was intended. In PvE however, I have noticed a little weakness, since I am defense spec'ed it does take quite a bit longer to kill mobs when compared to other classes. Since all my builds are PvP based, there is no reason to change anything at this time.

The Magus - template is Here
The Magus is my second to the least favorite toon to play. You cannot AOE DPS like the Sorc, and you cannot single target DPS like the Squig. Since I am still considered a "Ranged DPS" class, I have a hard time trying to figure out how I can be useful to a group. I have no plans to change the build as I do not see the build being broke, in my opinion, the whole class is broke. There is an OP ability if you spec in the "Daemonology" tree,(Chaotic Rift) however I do not like being a "one trick Pony" and the OP of it will be patched out.

The Zealot - template is Here (Title is mislabeled as Shaman)
This is another build that must be overhauled as it seems to have went down the toilet. Dark Rites is actually a lot better as far as raw healing power goes, as such, that is what I have respec'ed to.

The Disciple of Khaine - template is Here
Not too much to say here, the build seems to be doing just fine. Very strong in any(PvP or PvE) solo situation, however cannot "out heal" a Shaman or Zealot.(As intended?)

The Marauder - template is Here
Absolutely the last on the list as far as viability goes, I dread having to play this toon.(You will not notice this weakness until you hit mid tier two to the beginning of tier three) The build will have to be overhauled as well, changing to "Monstrosity" as it does, at least, give the class a small amount of utility.

The Chosen - template is Here
I was a little concerned making a "tank" class carry a 2H, however everything seems to be going fine at this point, as such I do not see a reason to change anything.

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